LISA \ 2012


Custom made tank screens


for your open top fermenting tanks.

Open top tanks screens are made  from a lifetime Polypropylene woven, industial

fabric as used in the environmental, transportation, and construction industries. 

Breaths well to let out fermenting gases.

Keep debris and fruit flies out of your tanks and flitration systems with the Open Top Tank Screen.

- Use inside or outside



  - Lightweight, yet

 extremely durable


- 90% UV Resistant

and ISO Certified with ASTM standards

Earned the title of being an "Ultimate fabric as a world leader in quality and consistency."


- Easy to clean


The BINSCREEN is a mesh fitted cover to use on the 4x4 bin boxes during the fermenting process of the grapes at the time of harvest.

The BINSCREEN is easily installed or removed by one person and fits snugly on the bin and is tightened with a quick release Velcro/ nylon webbing corner strap.

All seams are heat sealed and exterior edges are finished with double folded webbing. The BINSCREEN is made of the same Polypropylene woven fabric as our Open Top Tank Screens.

Serving California Since 1983

Paso Robles, CA